The Funky Judge

Posting links to good tracks and artists which I find, or like. Won't necessarily be new, but all good, in my opinion.

Genres including but not limited to:


Bon appetite.


Jimmy Page.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home (by RoughTradeRecordsUK)

My favourite song at the moment.

Really, really, really good DnB radio here. Free and awesome, check it out.

Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Razihel Remix)

Another excellent remix of this one. People really are churning out some cracking remixes of this song.

George Barnett - Get Lucky

Not gonna lie, this is far far superior to the original Pharrell & DP version. Amazing cover.


get lucky // daughter [daft punk cover]

More from Daughter is available via Amazon and iTunes.

This might be the trillionth remix of this song that I’ve heard, but it’s still a good fucking tune.

After Hours by Kicks N Licks

Yet another free one.

Robokop & Whacka - Vloeibaar

Free DL on this excellent liquid.